Our Story 

Each day brings with it a new set of choices. Where we invest our time, energy and money reflects our core beliefs, values and opinions. 

This is why we birthed Artemisia: we believe in creating new opportunities for talented female artists of today, while turning art into a wearable masterpiece.

Through Artemisia we celebrate our core values: creativity, beauty and confidence.

Who is Artemisia?

Artemisia Gentileschi was one of the first female artists of the 17th century who successfully sold her artworks internationally. Each day, we look back at her courage, determination and spirit, hoping to inspire young female artists to explore their talent, achieve their goals, and motivate their unlimited endurance through A R T E M I S I A. 

As we became inspired by the women who found a unique way to create despite the odds, we inspire and support the artists and art-lovers of today. 

Our mantellas are crafted in the birthplace of Artemisia Gentileschi - Rome.  We went back to the roots of our inspiration, seeking out local artisans and sourcing the highest quality Italian cashmere. Every certified piece of Artemisia’s wearable art hides an exclusively printed silk-lining featuring the work by our seasonal female artist. 

For us, sophistication goes hand in hand with effortless elegance. Each mantella is easy to wear, mix and integrate for different styles and occasions. 

Our goal - making your life more beautiful.


Margarita & Camilla – our female founders bridge together global digital entrepreneurship and local craftsmanship.  Camilla and Margarita came together to create masterpieces that you will wear forever. 

We are committed to creating a feminine business, where every idea and detail is carefully considered and nurtured. 

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